Cart App

Cart App is a revolutionary unique mobile application, allows users to enjoy a fantastic, smart and sophisticated online shopping experience using their mobiles, and providing variety of free valuable services. Selling prepaid cards (Zain, Orange, Umniah), showing cinemas in Jordan and their schedules, and more to come such as food and clothes shopping...etc.
Cart-App strategy is delivering the best service with lower prices, by using the cutting edge online business method, allowing our side to cut a lot of operational costs to deliver you best services & prices.

Languages supported for the App

* Arabic
* English

What are the Key Features?

* Charging calling cards directly without the need to fill 14 digit PIN numbers.
* Auto filling calling cards 14 digit numbers in SMS (for sending to a friend)
* Purchasing our products and services with/without the need to use Electronic payment cards, by using our (Cart-App points) payment system.
* Viewing cinemas in Jordan & their movies, schedules, locations, contact details, directly calling them & movies trailers. Moreover, updated box office featured movies and their trailers.
* Ability to send/receive (Cart-App points) for using them to purchase our offered products and services.

-- Recharge cards (Calling cards) operators --

* Zain
* Orange
* Umniah

-- Cinemas schedules in Jordan --

- Grand Cinema
(City Mall)
- Prime Cinema
- Grand Cinema
(Zara Center)
- Taj Cinema
- Rainbow