Web Solutions

Whatever you're trying to realise online, we can build the tools to make it happen. Get in touch to find out more about our design and development service. With a team of highly qualified developers and life-cycle project management (so you can see progress at every step), we ensure the products we develop are right for you and are a secure solution for your online content.


Content Management System (CMS)

The foundation of any effective website is a workable CMS. We've developed one which is user-friendly: you won't need a technical qualification to find your way around our tools. Quickly add HTML content, change files and manage your site the way you want to. Express your corporate identity in the way that suits your business – we can help.


Multimedia Support

We can add image-holding sections to your site so you can embed videos and graphics. Viewing tools let you preview your multimedia files before committing to them: perfect flexibility.



Change the look and feel of your site without altering content or structure: theme functionality is an essential component of any decent CMS.


Social Network Integration

Get plugged in to social media sites and get connected to your users using RSS feeds, Share This and Facebook and Twitter apps.


Users and Permissions

Create and administer  your site's users (from readers to authors and editors) and fine-tune permissions to and control exactly what each can view or edit.



Start the discussion: let users post comments on your content and let your site take off.


Content Translation [THIS suggests the translation is automatic – perhaps instead 'Multi-language Support']

Creating content for a global audience? Defining sections of your website to host multiple language content is easy.



What do your users think? Find out with multiple choice polls.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ensure your website can be found through external search tools such as Google and Yahoo. We use meta tags and optimised URLs to make your content easier to find, plus integration with Google Analytics for full-featured tracking.


Content organisation

Make your content easier to navigate and read – ensuring long-term and repeat visits – with tags, categories and sub categories.



Your users can jump to content anywhere in your site with word or sentence matching from the search bar. You can view top search keywords to see popular content, or what you need to create: Stay responsive to visitor needs.


Web Form Builder

Easily create forms and save the results in a table or send them to an email address.


Back ups

Back up your website data at any time with just a few clicks.